Property Tax

AppraisalThe Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) determines the assessed value of your home for property tax purposes. The assessed value and current property tax rates determine how much tax and PID 6 assessment must be paid.

PID 6 Assessment

The current PID 6 assessment rate is $0.175 per $100 of TAD assessed value. The formula used to determine the assessment is: TAD Assessed Value divided by 100 times PID 6 Assessment Rate

Here are some examples of assessments based on the assessed value and current rate:

TAD Assessed Value PID 6 Assessment ($0.175)
$100,000 $175.00
$150,000 $262.50
$200,000 $350.00
$250,000 $437.50

Historical PID 6 assessment rates per $100 of assessed value:

Budget Period PID 6 Assessment Rate
2005-2016 $0.175
2004-2005 $0.170
2002-2004 $0.190

Tax Account

Account SearchYou can use the Tarrant County Account Search to search for your tax record by account number, owner name or owner address. In the Search Results, click on the Acct # that matches your property address. The Unit column identifies the taxing authority.

Tax EstimatorYou can use the Tarrant County Tax Estimator to get an estimate of your property taxes. Select the following values on the tax estimator web page:

2nd County District If the Unit column in the Account Search described above lists 223, then enter:
Otherwise, change the selection to: None
3rd County District 224 - JPS HEALTH NETWORK
4th County District 225 - TARRANT COUNTY COLLEGE
City 026 - FT WORTH CITY
School 907 - KELLER ISD
Special Unit 605 - R-FW PID #6 (for residential)

Additional Information

County Appraisal You can find more information about property taxes at the Tarrant Appraisal District and the Tarrant County web sites.