Committees and volunteers are an essential part of any homeowner association. When all the responsibilities fall on a small number of individuals, it makes for burned out people. Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in our neighborhood.

If you would like to participate on any committee, or have a new project in mind, please send them an email.

The Chairperson for each of the PPNA Committees may attend PPNA Board Meetings.

Architectural Control Committee


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible for monitoring all improvements or modifications to properties to ensure adherence to the By-laws and CCRs. Requests for modifications must be submitted for approval.

Communications Committee


This Committee prepares any other information notices or bulletins as directed by the Board. The Committee is also responsible for maintaining the PPNA website.

Landscape Committee


The Landscape Committee is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of Park Place common areas.

Safety Committee


The Safety Committee is concerned with matters of security and crime prevention in our neighborhood.

Social Committee


The Social Commiittee is responsible for organizing and coordinating all neighborhood social events.