When each of us bought our property in Park Place, we agreed by our signatures to abide by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (also known as. CCRs or Deed Restrictions). The Deed Restrictions protect our property values by keeping Park Place a highly desirable place to live. A copy of your Deed Restrictions may be obtained from this website.

ACC approval must be obtained prior to the start of your project. To avoid delay, make your request as complete as possible. Incomplete requests will be returned for additional information. Incorrect information or changes made after approval invalidates approval. The ACC tries to assure that all changes to our properties conform to the appropriate Deed Restrictions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Below is the on-line version of the ACC form. It has provision for attaching a photo, drawing, scanned images, etc. in the File Attachments section. If you prefer to send your ACC Request by regular postal mail, use the PDF version.

ACC Property Modification Approval Request Form
Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Be sure to mark the AGREEMENT statement.
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  IMPORTANT: Include plan view and elevation drawings (to scale) plus any other supporting documents indicating project's location and its relationship to property lines, neighbors, construction, easements, etc.
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  I/we have read the appropriate Deed Restrictions *
  I/we have obtained a City of Fort Worth building permit * (attach copy)
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  Check any that apply:    Corner lot     Iron park fencing     Project already started/completed
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By checking this box I/we give permission to ACC members to inspect the property and I/we agree to abide by ACC's decision. *