What is a PID?

PID stands for Public Improvement District. It is a public entity administered by the City of Fort Worth for improvements, projects and special supplemental services above and beyond those normally provided by the City of Fort Worth. There are several PIDs in the city and ours is known as PID 6.

Who belongs to PID 6?

PID 6 WebsiteThere are ten neighborhoods that fall under PID 6's umbrella - Park Place, Park Glen, Parkwood Estates, Parkway Hill, Basswood Park, Park Bend, Parkway Hill Addition, Parkway at Park Glen, Summerbrook, and Villages of Parkwood Hill.

What are the benefits of belonging to a PID?

When PID tax dollars are collected by the City of Fort Worth, they are immediately earmarked as PID dollars. All that money is guaranteed to be spend on improvements and/or maintenance somewhere within the PID district. Neighborhoods do not need to beg, fight and plead with the City every time they want want money for an improvement for their neighbordhood.

What services are covered by the PID?

Services are provided for common areas - not individually owned residences. Services include turf maintenance, mowing, edging, fertilizing, horticultural maintenance, tree care, seasonal color, Boulevard tree and plant replacement, irrigation, water, electricity, special fence maintenance, ground and holiday lighting, park improvements, trash pickup in parks and extra police patrols.

What services are not covered by the PID?

Street repair, street light maintenance and repair, utility services and repair, resident yard tree maintenance and replacement, grafffiti control and community newsletters (if any).

What is the benefit of the PID?

PID tax dollars are guaranteed to be spend within PID 6 boundaries. There is always money available for maintenance, upkeep and improvements to the PID 6 district, helping to maintain and increase our property values.

Who pays for the benefits?

All owners of property pay an annual assessment which is billed by the City of Fort Worth.

How much does it cost?

Property TaxThe budget submitted by the PID manager to the Fort Worth City Council is finalized annually based on the costs. Visit the PID 6 Property Tax page for more information.

Who actually runs the PID?

The City of Fort Worth is ultimately responsible for the PID operations. However, Fort Worth contracts the PID management for the daily operations to a third party manager. The PID manager is responsible for supervising the contractors, preparing work summary reports, submitting annual budget and service plan, and addressing concerns raised by members of the district. The PID 6 District Association (PID Advisory Board) will work with the PID manager to address concerns of district members.

What happens if you do not have a PID?

The answer is obvious! Take a look at other residential areas and compare what the developments looks like a few years after the builders pull out. Belonging to a PID is a good thing.

InterviewRead more about the PID through an interview with a former PID 6 representative.