Guideline - Xeriscape and Drought Resistant Landscape Plans

Deed RestrictionsArticle V, Section 5.5 states in part, "Standards : ...the committee shall use their best efforts to promote and ensure a high level of taste, design, quality, harmony and conformity throughout the Addition consistent with the standards set forth in this Declaration, provided that such party shall have sole discretion with respect to taste, design and all standards specified herein. The objective of such party is to conform generally with community standards and prevent unusual, radical, curious, odd, bizarre, peculiar or irregular structures from being built or maintained in the publish and promulgate bulletins regarding architectural standards which shall be fair, reasonable and uniformly applied and shall carry forward the spirit and intention of this Declaration."

ACC Request Park Place Neighborhood Association understands the need for drought resistant material within our neighborhood. Drought resistant material, such as stone, gravel and other non-organic material, shall be permitted on up to 50% of the area that can be seen from the street or alley-ways. The 50% is based on the area from the foundation of the house to the sidewalk or alley. The stones or gravel used should be decorative, smooth surfaced stone; in Earth-tone colors; and not to exceed 1/2" diameter. The stone or gravel area shall not be contiguous, but broken up with landscape planting areas in accordance with current neighborhood aesthetics. The stone or gravel shall be installed in a manner that presents a finished appearance with the material fully contained with non-flexible borders. The rock or gravel areas shall be free of weeds and debris (trash) on an on-going basis. In accordance with article V, section 5.3 of the Declaration, a written request for landscape alteration is required, to be approved by the committee, before such work may begin.

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