The City of Fort Worth, the Public Improvement District (PID) and the Park Place Neighborhood Association (PPNA) work together to manage our community.

The City

The City of Fort Worth, with respect to a homeowner association, is responsible for enforcing city laws, by-laws and restrictions that govern all areas of the city. Every year the city of Fort Worth collects property taxes. For homes that belong to a Property Improvement District, the city collects and additional PID tax. All of those PID tax dollars are earmarked for maintenance and improvement of neighborhoods within the PID.


PIDThe PID is a public organization determined and funded by the City of Fort Worth. It acts as a liaison between the city and the neighborhood associations. Park Place, along with several other neighborhoods (Park Glen, Parkway at Park Glen, Parkway Hill, Parkwood Estates, Summerbrook, Basswood Park, Park Bend and Villages of Parkwood Hill) belong to Public Improvement District 6.

Property TaxThe PID manages the PID tax dollars that are collected by the city. The PID is responsible for elements common to all the neighborhoods such as police patrolling, holiday lighting, basic lawn care and maintenance of common ground, parks and fencing. The PID has an Advisory Board comprising representatives from the various areas within the PID. The Advisory Board determines and prioritizes projects that will be undertaken within PID boundaries.

Belonging to a PID helps ensure the property value for each homeowner, and also guarantees that the PID tax dollars are spent in our neighborhoods without battling City Hall. The PID is an extension of the City, and is legally responsible for the upkeep of the neighborhood.

InterviewFor more detailed information on the PID and its relationship to the City and to the PPNA, a Question and Answer Interview was conducted between PPNA Board Members and Steve Kosek, former PID 6 Representative.


Assessment DuesThe Park Place Neighborhood Association is concerned with the maintenance and improvement of its own neighborhood. This not only ensures we have a nice community in which to live, but also helps to uphold/improve the overall value of our homes. The neighborhoood elects individuals to serve on a Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for asssociation management functions. PPNA does not receive funding from PID 6. Instead, it must raise its own funds through annual assessment dues. The PPNA Board of Directors uses these funds to hire a management company to:

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