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Maintain property values and foster a sense of community through involvement and responsible stewardship.

· Respect for and from others
· Responsibility/Accountability
· Effectiveness
· Fairness/Integrity
· Cooperation
· Fun meaningful work
Twice a Week In Effect
Watering Restrictions
Know your watering schedule.

Resident Portal The Resident Portal is operated by RealManage/CiraConnect. View your HOA account, pay dues and find HOA forms and documents and apply for ACC approval for your exterior home modifications. To access the portal, use the account information that was provided to you in the Resident Letter that was mailed to your home address.

ViewDid You Know?

Who looks after sidewalks and trees? What about fences and landscaping? Homeowners are encouraged to view the document to find these answers, and more.

Deed RestrictionsViolations of Deed Restrictions

PPNA ManagementOur managment company has increased the number of patrols and the intensity. Now is the time to be getting our houses and yards tidied up!

ScheduleWaste Collection Schedules

View the bulk waste, garbage and yard trimmings collection schedule for your home address. On the City of Fort Worth page, scroll down to the Calendar icon and enter your home address.

ApplicationTree Removal Permit

View the Application for Tree Removal Permit On City of Fort Worth Property Including Parkways and Medians.

GuidelinesLandscape Guidelines

The guidelines have been updated for Xeriscape and drought resistant landscaping plans.

GuidelinesSolar Energy Devices Guidelines

Guidelines have been updated for solar energy devices.

Carport Reminder

Carports must not be seen from the street, on which the house fronts.